Dialogue With Dale

February 2018

 There’s a story about a man talking with his rabbi. He asks, “Why is it that rabbis always answer a question with another question?”  The rabbi answers, “So what’s wrong with a question?”

   Jesus was typical of the rabbis of his day.  According to the canonical Gospels, Jesus rarely gave a straight answer to a question.  Instead, he put his questioners in a position of having to think for themselves.  Rather than offer his disciples answers to life’s most perplexing problems, Jesus introduced them to deeper and deeper levels of ambiguity.

   Clearly Jesus knew what mystics and the wisest of spiritual guides have known all along: that answers can provide a false sense of security and pride that can stand in the way of a deeper awareness of the Divine.

   I am very excited that I have the privilege of embarking on a journey of faith and questioning here at MUMC on February 25 at 2:30 in the afternoon and every other Sunday afternoon for almost the next half year in a unique study called “Living the Questions 2.0”.  Each week, we will have the opportunity to view a 20 minute video segment and then spend the following 40 minutes together asking questions that will deepen our faith.  Each of us will be stretched in our thinking about what we believe and what we may have thought for most of our lives.  And this will happen in the context of a supportive and hopeful face-to-face Christian community.  Our guides in our questioning and our growth will be 32 of the most brilliant and fascinating scholars, teachers and pastors in the field of “Progressive Christianity”. 

   You are invited to join with us as we launch this new adventure.  If you are not able to be present every week, each session will have a theme of its own, but our insights will deepen cumulatively as we share with one another.  Those who already have all of the “answers” about the meaning of life and faith in our place and time will probably not feel comfortable in this process.  Who ever said that the objective of faith or life was our comfort?